Engaging Content for busy professionals

Can we actually put an example of our slides, quizzes, handouts or other item to show we have engaging content.

Designed for ease of Learning

Maybe something about Bloom's taxonomy. More from Barbara here.

Raising the bar for ourselves, our students, our teachers, and our profession. 

We need to educate teachers on HOW to teach. We recognize and commend everyone who wants to spend some hours a week away from a lucrative practice to earn a fraction as much in the classroom. We need to invest more in them by: 
having teacher trainings both online and in person. 
To create a sense of community among teachers through monthly paid faculty development days. 
Through paying teachers for prep time. 
By recruiting teachers who are interested in deepening their craft of TEACHING, and being paid to learn and try new learner lead strategies in their classrooms. 
Through 1 on 1 coaching with lead teaching mentors to troubleshoot specific challenges in their classrooms
And by creating stable systems within the school and monetary incentives to go beyond the lecture model.