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“Acupuncture Insights truly delivered. I am thrilled with the first course I took and will be turning to them for my CEU needs in the future!”
— Sally, Boston Ma

A different kind of education experience

We Prioritize Your Learning And Retention

The most important aspect of any course is whether you have actually learned the content.   That is why all of our courses are designed by professional course designers.  

All of this attention to detail and quality boil down to mean you will actually learn the content! No more frustration at having spent time and money with no tangible result to show for it. 


Engaging Content On The Go

Designed for YOU... the busy practitioner.

Web-based and smart-phone compatible.

Easily digestible content in segments under 30 minutes.

Enhance your learning with worksheets, fun self exploration quizzes, checklists and examples.

Raising the Bar

At Acupuncture Insights all of us love acupuncture and Chinese medicine. We believe that it would be beneficial for patients, providers, and the health care system if more people saw acupuncturists as part of their care team. We believe that by investing in the quality of acupuncture education can help make this dream a reality. Unfortunately to many of our fine Acupuncture Universities are still under the allusion that content experts lecturing for hours on end is the best way to teach Chinese Medicine. This has been repeatedly disproved in the scientific literature again and again. Active learning and the social interaction of students within a classroom setting are much more effective at meeting desired outcomes. 

Engaging content on the go

All our content is designed with the life of a busy practitioner in mind. We are web based and smart phone and tablet compatible. Our video content is created in easily digestible segments of 30 minutes or less. All of our courses have learning activities such as worksheets, fun self exploration quizzes, checklists, and example scripts to enhance your learning. We also seek to build community through our course integrated message boards which allow you to interact with other students, practitioners from all over the world, as well as your teacher. 


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