Online continuing education for acupuncturists that is engaging, designed for learner (that's you) success, and is committed to raising the bar on acupuncture in this country by investing in eduction and educators.


How we're different


Engaging content on the go

All our content is designed with the life of a busy practitioner in mind. Our video content is created in easily digestible segments, our courses have learning activities to enhance the content, and builtin message boards for you to interact with other students/practitioners as well as our course designers. 

Designed for learning

We believe that the key to every course we create is you the learner. We have partnered with University level course designers to create courses with clear outcomes, clear progressions, and transparent .... All to make sure you actually learn and can practice what you have spent the time and money to take a class in. 

Raising the Bar

We love acupuncture and Chinese medicine and believe that it would be beneficial for patients, providers, and the system if more people saw acupuncturists as part of their care team. We believe that investing in the quality of acupuncture education can help make this dream a reality.


“Acupuncture Insights truly delivered. I am thrilled with the first course I took and will be turning to them for my CEU needs in the future!”

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